Local Veterans' Association

Chairman:  Jean-Pierre BOITTOUT

It is part of the Union Nationale des Combattants (UNC), created in December 1918 by Georges Clémenceau and a military chaplain, Father Brottier. It is an association under the law of 1901, declared to the Seine prefecture on November 26, 1918, and recognized as a public utility on May 20, 1920.

The association is divided into departmental groups and local sections.

Until 1950, it was associated with the municipality, with which it took part in the August fair. In 1989, we parted company with the municipality.

In 1992, President Edmond Bouic decided to continue the life of the section with the aim of remembrance, i.e. to ensure a presence at the funerals of comrades who had passed away, and to organize remembrance events:

  • May 8, 1945 Armistice Day.
  • August 19, landing of the 4th commando in 1942.
  • November 11 Victory Day.

The UNC section of Sainte Marguerite invites the population to take part in these ceremonies; it is a glorious past of our village.

Just look at the walls of the town hall's main hall, where the UNC flag in particular is on display, evoking a whole history in its own right...

Association Syndicale Autorisée ( A.S.A ) de Vasterival

Chairman: Mr Gérard VARIN

The owners of the plots of land included in the syndical perimeter listed in the prefectoral decree of 14/06/1934, both on the territory of Varengeville-sur-mer and Sainte Marguerite-sur-mer, are united in an "Association Syndicale Autorisée" called ASA de Vasterival.

HeadquartersThe association's head office is located at the Sainte Marguerite sur Mer town hall.

Its main aim is to maintain and develop the Vasterival and Morville gorges, which provide access to the sea with the help of the public authorities, as well as the existing paths and footpaths, and anything else that in the collective interest contributes in one way or another to improving and preserving the site, its exceptional character and its tranquillity.

Email : AsaVasterival@gmail.com

Documents to download

ASA_VASTERIVAL-COMPTE RENDU CS DU 27 fevrier 2021 projet1
Rules of procedure
Plans Paths
ASA bylaws
Note cadrage CAUE 30/09/2014
UNICAEN Report 03/22/2013
Cap d'Ailly management plan 16/06/2015

CAP d'AILLY Association


CreationThe association was created on March 24, 1990, with Princess Sturdza, Madame Grunelius-Canovas and Maître Michel Ciry as honorary presidents, and Yves P. Boulongne, now deceased, as president.

Chairman Philippe Héritier, Treasurer Philippe Lefèvre, Secretary : Elisabeth Guerout

Aims of the association:

      - the development of culture through events aimed at popularizing art and literature, and through an annual book fair that brings together a number of local, regional and national writers. The book fair takes place every year on Whit Sunday. The association has also integrated the Sainte Marguerite writing workshop, which it actively supports.

      - The popularization of art for all was one of the concerns of the founders of this association, through the programming of classical concerts, as well as jazz and variety. These concerts take place in the three churches of Sainte Marguerite sur mer, Quiberville and Longueil, and in the two community halls.

      - An annual three-week exhibition called "SALON D' ETE" has been held every year for the past 30 years, showcasing painters, sculptors and photographers. The average number of visitors each year is 800 to 1,000. 

     - The association is also concerned with the preservation and enhancement of our heritage. As such, it contributes financially to the restoration of our historic monuments, returning any surplus concert takings when it can.

It is actively involved in the project to reopen the Ailly lighthouse, a listed historic monument, and to enhance its value.

As such, it is a partner in the project, along with the Conservatoire du Littoral, the Dieppe Maritime agglomeration and the DIRM Phares et Balises, and is in charge of historical research for museography, guide training and future events on the site. 

The association is subsidized annually by the three communes of Sainte Marguerite, Quiberville and Longueil, by the Département 76, and by the Dieppe Maritime agglomeration, with which it has signed an agreement for the lighthouse project. 

In 2020, it will have 130 active members.

E-mail: capailly.bureau@gmail.com

Club Caprimont: for senior citizens

On the first Thursday of each month from 2 to 6 p.m., Club Caprimont invites our senior citizens to join us for festive afternoons of games, cards, dominoes, scrabble, snacks and conversation...

The C.S.L.A

offers cultural and sporting activities throughout the year.

ITWednesdays from 4 to 6 pm and from 6 to 8 pm (salle de la Mairie).

Anthony Bernard : 06 03 99 52 79

GymnasticsThursdays, 6:15pm to 7:30pm (Meeting Point room) -

Marie-Danièle Viaduc : 06 19 85 53 04

SewingThursdays, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. (salle de la Mairie).

Jocelyne Lemarié : 06 20 05 45 41 (CSLA President)

Hiking Tuesday mornings (2ème and 4ème weeks of the month) or Friday mornings (1era and 3ème weeks of the month), from 9:30am to 11:30am/12pm. You'll discover the region at the pace of an unforced walk with a guide who knows not only the paths but also the trees and flowers - Jacques Thomas 06 20 05 45 41. You will be notified by SMS of the meeting place.

NB: You can join an activity during the year. Some activities are free (gymnastics, hiking), but you must join the association as for other activities: 15 euros for the year. If you would like to know the fees charged by the instructors, please contact them. For further information, please contact the President.




The Marakana Association offers sporting activities all year round.
From September 9.

African dance workshop at the Salle du Point de rencontre, except for running activities.
                           Referent Marie Turmel: 06 13 27 00 37

With Bong Yé: children's dance: 6pm to 7pm; Afro dance for teens and adults: 7:15pm to 9:15pm, one Wednesday a month (starting September 9).

With Hannah: Afro dance for adults from 6:30 pm to 8 pm; Afro-contemporary dance from 8 pm to 9:30 pm, one Wednesday a month (starting September 22).

Membership: 8 euros or 10 euros for families.

Circus and aerial dancewith Les Saltimbanques de l'impossible (max. 12 enrolled); 3 slots offered: a children's class (8/12 yrs) focusing on manipulation, Mondays 5-6pm; a children's class focusing on aerial dance (aerial fabric), Mondays 6.10-7.10pm; a teen/adult aerial dance class, Mondays 7.20-8.50pm.

Contact: tel. 07 83 85 24 06

Race for all every Tuesday 6.30pm, parking du phare d'Ailly from 13 years old. Membership + insurance 30 euros.

Contact: Coralie Bellamy 06 71 22 61 09


Writing workshop

It has been meeting twice a month, on Mondays from 6pm, for nearly 10 years.

Each session lasts between 2h30 and 3h, depending on the number of participants.

It takes place in 3 stages: First, a theme is proposed and illustrated using a wide variety of texts (excerpts from novels, poems, songs, etc.). Then, each participant writes about the theme in his or her own way. The workshop ends with an oral reading of the texts produced, which allows us to discover the singularity, the "little music" of each one, because, whatever the theme proposed, we always feel astonishment and pleasure at the diversity of the texts. 

Contact: Françoise Gambs: 02 35 06 21 57 or 06 89 68 73 58



What we wouldn't do for Sainte-Marguerite, especially when it's on the sea.

In December 1993, André Frossard, a famous editorial writer of the last century, informed Michel Ciry of his willingness to support the Church's work.

Today, thanks to the efforts of those who mobilized nearly thirty years ago, our church has been saved. This was the conclusion we reached when Bruno Togni, Heritage Engineer from the Direction régionale des Affaires Culturelles, visited us on July 30.

The Association de Sauvetage de l'Eglise de Sainte-Marguerite-Sur-Mer (ASESM) will be reactivated to support the new work: completing the paving around the church and repairing the interior rendering...